My Megaphone: Political activism in the local community 

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Transparency and Accountability


To ensure the “checks and balances” on public officials, elected and appointed. This includes making sure that the budget and each of the County, town, and village departments are being managed fairly and correctly,  to benefit ALL citizens.


I vehemently oppose Red Light Cameras in Suffolk County. After reading the contract between Xerox and Suffolk County, I then spoke against the cameras before the County Legislature. Yellow light time was reduced from 5 to 3 seconds in RLC intersections. Every intersection must produce at least 25 tickets per day, or County gets hefty fine from Xerox. I believe this does not improve safety but because a public effort to FOIL County to see if accidents have increased or decreased after camera installations failed, safety claims about red light cameras can’t be proven or disproven.


Ballot reform/Ranked choice voting


I fully support AV or Instant Runoff Voting and an end to gerrymandered districts. 


Did you hear that Maine votes YES on Ranked Choice Voting Initiative? This means that in Maine folks will be able to choose members of Congress, U.S. Senate, and many down ballot officials from there without worrying about voting against their interests. Very simple, you pick your first favorite candidate, then your second and so  forth. If your first one didn't make it, your vote goes to your second favorite, and so on. Can we make this happen in New York, or anywhere within New York, by helping our leaders move this through legislature? Well I'm glad you asked, because this will be one of the gardens that our Ballot Initiative Committee will be tending to, and yes, we would love if you could be a part of it. Another project for this group is to help give people a chance to find out who will be on their ballots with enough notice and maybe get to know them better from the official websites of the Town, County, Board of Elections, radio, TV, and printed media. An unbiased section with a blurb written by the candidates themselves, linked to their page of choice.


Environmentally responsible development in the Town of Brookhaven


Ensure that appropriate studies, architectural standards, community input and common sense have been applied in welcoming environmentally responsible development, avoiding high density housing. This includes promoting incentives for natural landscape designs and maintenance in all public places, therefore creating even more green jobs, and setting up cooperative gardens, directed by experienced organic master gardeners, where every age group citizen, including local school groups will have a chance to learn self sustainable agriculture by experience.

Support sensible cleanup projects on the Great South Bay. This begins by Prioritizing projects of Sewage Treatment for residents with old cesspools, rather than allow new developers to connect to new facilities at the taxpayer's expense. Water quality is a serious issue on Long Island and until we achieve the infrastructure necessary to properly treat existing sewage waste, the local ecology cannot afford to welcome new development.


Oppose the construction of fossil fuel plants, such as Caithness II, here on Long Island in favor of promoting renewable energy of different forms instead, making sure that wilderness is not compromised in the process. 

2015 candidacy

"A few months after becoming a naturalized US citizen, I stepped up as a candidate out of dissatisfaction with the local politicians and their daily backroom deals. Knowing about the strength and accomplishments of the Green Party worldwide, bringing its values into the fight for our democracy simply felt like the right thing to do."

Pauline Salotti


 Putting social, economic, and ecological justice at the center of a campaign as the Green Party's Town Council candidate for the 5th District of Brookhaven Town, Pauline spoke to many residents about their concerns and ideas to help shape her platform, which included the immediate need to solve Long Island's water pollution, preventing another fossil-fuel-based power plant from developing in our backyards, and how to transition to a sovereign and green local economy.


She believes the real win was not the 4.33% of the vote she garnered (more than the Independence and Working Families Party got in that race), but changing the course of discussion for the Democratic and Republican candidates, forcing elected officials to roll up their sleeves and address issues like water quality through sewage treatment. 


After her campaign, she has become convinced of the need for ballot reform, process which also exposed the seemingly impotent efforts that are taken to initiate sustainable environmental legislation in the Duopoly we in this country live under, which only represents corporate greed. Pauline has been working to register voters in order to strengthen the Green Party for future elections, and so other parties don’t feel entitled to votes coming from our grassroots movements, not that any political party should feel entitled to the votes of its registered members without running candidates who seek to represent People, Planet and Peace over Profits!



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