Miracle charging station with surprise Air Monitoring lesson!

Today's been pretty awesome so far, besides the fact that I'm running an hour behind schedule, on my way to the Green Party National Meeting in Newark for the next four days.

Thought my plans were impeccable, but as a good electric car pioneer (or any pioneer, for that matter) one should know that surprises await. This time, the free charging station at Queens College didn't warn users of the ChargePoint app that those inviting free ports are exclusive for students, staff and faculty, and only when school is in session, unlike today. I have just reported that, so hopefully future users won't have the same unpleasant surprise.

Synchronicity or whatever you want to call it, at the exact moment I found that out, there were two men from the Department of Environmental Conservation waiting to be let into the parking lot where the car ports are, not for their electric car needs (a need I believe DEC cars should have!), but to access one of their Air Quality Monitoring Stations, which I'm staring at right now, as I type this!

The security guard was very kind and opened an exception for me to grab a little juice for Sriracha (my car), and I got to check out some of the equipment used to monitor air particles! Santosh, the Environmental Engineer on site was friendly and answered my nosey questions. We will be speaking again soon, hopefully having him on EcoSmoothie Radio! Superb!

Now I should have enough charge to finish my journey, and must be on my way...

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